Film about life in Cuba before & during Castro's revolution (runs May 12-18, SF)

This film about pre-Castro Havana is reputedly critical of the revolution as well as of the dictator Fulgencia Batista that it toppled, and portrays Che Guevara as the odious killer he really was. Filmmaker Andy Garcia left Cuba at age 5 himself and publicly spoke out for Elian Gonzalez remaining in the United States rather than being sent back to live under Castro.

  Should be worth checking out and supporting while it's in theaters. Let me know or post an email if you'd like to go see it; maybe we can organize an LP outing.

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The Lost City
May 12 - May 18
shows daily at 1:30 5:00 8:15 p.m.
general: $9.75, children/seniors: $7.75

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The LOST CITY opens May 12 at Landmark's Clay Theatre. It
realizes an 18 year dream by actor/director/composer Andy Garcia who
stars and makes his feature directorial debut in a 1950s epic
adventure set in his native Cuba back-dropped against its historic
revolution, its vibrant music and a passionate love story.

**** Don't miss a special guest appearance by Lorena Feijóo,
internationally renowned ballerina known for her impeccable
technique, virtuosity and musicality. Born and trained in Havana,
Cuba where she became the Prima Ballerina for the Ballet Nacional de
Cuba under the direction of legendary prima ballerina Alicia Alonso,
she has since danced every major classical role in ballet's
repertoire to critical acclaim and performs important contemporary
works by influential 20th and 21st century choreographers. She
regularly appears on the international stage to sold-out audiences in
New York, Paris, Tokyo, London and Milan. She is currently capturing
audiences with her magnificent dance skills in the movie THE LOST CITY.
Join special guest Lorena at the Clay for a Q&A session after 5:00 &
8:15pm shows on Saturday, May 13!

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Clay Theatre
2261 Fillmore Street
San Francisco

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