Federal Nanny State Strikes Again - Using Your Tax Dollars


  These are good points. A similar phenomenon can be seen when it comes
to immigration laws. Some people support such laws, just like others
support seatbelt laws, because they don't want to have to subsidize
anyone else's health care costs, insurance, etc. Like you said, it
doesn't mean we should stop trying to repeal immigration controls, but
we should acknowledge that support for such laws is fueled by the
welfare state spreading around the costs of personal behavior.
Yours in liberty,
            <<< Starchild >>>

On Sunday, December 28, 2003, at 01:21 PM, Marcy Berry wrote (in part):

2. The key word in my comment on the article is "theoretically."
Unfortunately, in a welfare state such as the one we live in today, we
all affected by "personal behavior," since we all pay for services
that may
be called upon to remedy the results of such behavior. We all pay
the tax system, in one way or another, for rescue vehicles, public
hospitals, state disability insurance, Medicare, Medical, etc. etc.
the market price of private services is also affected by the welfare
HMO's and other private care providers are not allowed to pick and
who they treat, so they must remedy the results of all behavior, and
the cost to all customers.

3. Do I think, therefore, that seatbelt laws and other such laws are
Not at all. However, libertarian opposition to them should perhaps
a word of aknowledgement as to why such laws are easily enacted by our
various legislative bodies -- people are just trying to cut their

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