Fed Protest

I went to Cindy's little protest in front of the Fed. Clearly NOT Marcy's scene. I did get interviewed by Channel 5. It was not aired. I was very nervous, and not succint. It was a great opportunity that I completely blew. But it was great experience. I will do much better next time.

It occured to me tonight that this whole charade over the 700 bil may be just that. A diversion while the Fed closes WaMU, gives the assets to JPMorgan and takes the toxic debt to be monetized (ie printed away),later. The fed doesn't need to go to Congress. they have already proven that repeatedly. They will just have JPMOrgan take over the country, with occasional bids by Blackstone, or cyrubus.

Dear Phil,

No, you did not blow it! The interviewers and those around you that
heard you got the gist of what you were saying, I am sure! Every
little bit counts.

Thank you for showing up. I finished the work I had to deliver this
morning by 3:30 am, and by that time, I figured the rally was over; so
missed the fun.