FBI asked arrestee to spy on anti-war activists, police faked arrest to incite protesters

I realized belatedly that this is from several years ago, but some good material. As dissatisfaction with the U.S. government grows, I imagine they may be finding it harder to get people willing to serve as their informers.

  The account of NYPD police getting caught deliberately trying to goad protesters into violence by making a fake arrest really shows how low some of them will go.

  And a terrific final quote in this story from a lawyer representing the protesters:

“This is all part of a larger government effort to quell political dissent,” says Jordan Kushner, an attorney who represented Ganley and other Critical Mass arrestees. “The Joint Terrorism Task Force is another example of using the buzzword ‘terrorism’ as a basis to clamp down on people’s freedoms and push forward a more authoritarian government.”


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