Facebook Review

Dear Richard and All,

After making a try at Facebook for the last couple of weeks, I see the negatives (as indicated in my previous post), and some interesting positives (which are not easy to achieve in the case of a shy person like me).

It is obvious from my few weeks of experience that there are focused individuals who are determined to befriend hundreds of people and barrage them with their message. There are also focused groups that obviously operate in unison, practically taking over the account. So, we could say Facebook works for them. I think both approaches are tacky, and I would suggest a more nuanced approach for LPSF, such as the one Rob just described.

I think Facebook, My Space, etc. are useful tools for LPSF. However, they are not, I believe, easy or intuitive tools. I feel that without development of a common strategy folks like me, who are not technologically inclined or socially aggressive, will not participate. Maybe that is the case for all promotional objectives, I don't know.



Thanks, Marcy!