Exhibit #23487094897345 on how politicians are liars

"One of my fave days of the year is 2morrow, Memorial Day where we remember our veterans/troops. 11 am program in the Presidio-Cemetary."
-message received today from Assemblywoman Fiona Ma

  OK, I can understand how someone who's a strong nationalist or militarist, or who had family or close friends who died in a war or something, could view Memorial Day as one of the most *important* days of the year. And I could imagine it being one of a person's favorite days because it's the start of summer, or because it's a 3-day weekend, or you've got a terrific barbecue planned or something. But implying it's one of your favorite days because you just *love* remembering "our" veterans/troops, or get your kicks doing stuff like attending what's bound to be a dull, politicized memorial program at the Presidio cemetery? Come on, give me a break! It's like saying Pearl Harbor Day is one of your favorite days of the year. Please!

  I wish more people found such an obvious lack of sincerity in the people they elect to public office disturbing. But for the most part they don't, they just take it for granted. This is one of the many things wrong with politics in this country.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

This is one of the many things wrong with politics in every country not just in this one.

Dear Starchild;

Fiona Ma was using her twitter service and was in this case not teaking but being a twit. In her case as in most cases of politicians she and them have all the collective intelligence of a pound of ground beef ( carnivore wise) or a pound of carrot tops ( vegetarian wise). :slight_smile:

If Ma does attend the ceremonies it'll not be because she is doing so in Remembrance of what was originally Decoration Day but for purely political purposes because she has to put in an appearance because she is a politican and it wouldn't - "look good" to not attend as political opponents would use it against her as not being supportive of our hallowed Veterans.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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