Exciting news! I am addressing a JSA student group on Monday [1 Attachment]

Hi all,

As the subject line says, I received an email just about 24 hours ago from a program director of the JSA inviting me to speak to a group of about 100 high school students this coming Monday. It's a 45 minute (!!) speaker slot (including q&a). They didn't give me much of a prompt for what to speak on, only to explain a bit about Libertarianism and how we approach issues in San Francisco-- there is plenty of material to work with, so I don't think I'll have any issues.

The speakers will be:
*Sarah Simon*, a Community Outreach manager at AirBnB (where the event is being hosted)
*Nick Smith*, that's me
*John Dennis*, who was recently elected the Chair of the San Francisco GOP
*Jim Pugh*, Co-director of the Universal Basic Income Project

See the agenda attached for more info. It's not a public event and I'm not asking for help (especially since it is last-minute) but I wanted to share that this opportunity suddenly came up. I will of course report back how it went, but I am very excited for the opportunity and of course couldn't turn it down.


Good luck. I'm sure you'll do a great job!Françoise
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Belatedly seconding Francoise's response Nick, and am of course curious to hear how it went though I have no doubt you represented us well. Do you know whether representatives of the other parties (Dems, Greens, etc.) were invited? The choice to have just LP and GOP speakers paired with a speaker promoting universal basic income seems a bit odd, especially with you and John getting 45 minutes each and the UBI speaker only 30 minutes.

  Did the students seem engaged, or did you get the sense some of them didn't want to be there? The JSA's directions to their student attendees as printed in the attachment you sent seemed rather nannying/authoritarian given the generally high caliber of students I've seen at their events in Santa Clara – remonstrations not to sleep, play video games on their phones, etc., during the talks.

  I don't recall JSA doing anything like this in SF before, but I love any opportunity to speak to students about libertarianism, so would be very interested in any other events they may have planned. Did you hear of anything else coming up?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Hi again, sorry for the delay

It was a rather last minute invitation, Friday before the event on Monday (and the same for John). I'm not sure if anyone else was invited or what they have upcoming.

My speech went very well. I spoke mostly about issues in SF that we as Libertarians care about and gave a pro-liberty evaluation of each, then explained what libertarianism means and the NAP, and talked a bit about how to approach voluntary solutions.

The group was high school students from all over the world it seemed (many introduced themselves when asking questions as "from Russia" or similar). I was very impressed with the caliber of their questions, too. There were not many libertarians among them but there were a few. One student emailed me after the event asking for book recommendations, which was very heartening..

I'll also say that John Dennis impressed me, he spoke more like a Libertarian than anything else. I'm not sure how much of that was because I was there, but it was nice anyway.

If this hasn't been so last minute I would of course put out the call, and I'm sure you would represent us well Starchild :slight_smile:

All in all the event went very well and it was indeed a great opportunity.