Evidence of the public waking up

Hey Don,

It's great to hear from you!

They're not all bad. At least a significant minority of the protesters are
against the current wars waged by the U.S. Imperialists.

I haven't seen you in ages. How about a lunch together or popping in at an
LPSF monthly meeting?

Warm regards, Michael

Dr. Edelstein,

It is good hearing from you, too! The next time I'm in San Francisco, which I hope will be soon, I'll take you up on the offer.

Is your new book available for sale? If so, please e-mail instructions on how/where to purchase it. I own a few copies of "Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" and re-read that great book from time-to-time and have recommended it to several people.

All the best,



I appreciate your kind words regarding Three Minute Therapy.

You can order my new book, Stage Fright:40 Stars Tell You How They Beat
America's #! Fear, here:

You might also be interested in my latest youtube demonstrating REBT:

Warm regards, Michael