EVENT TONIGHT - Flier attendees of "Che" movie screening - 7pm, Embarcadero Center Cinema (SF)

You may have heard there is a new film out which purportedly lionizes Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a leader in the brutal and authoritarian Castro regime in Cuba, and idol of ignorant millions, thanks to someone doctoring a photo of him to construct the compelling image which has been emblazoned on countless t-shirts, in which the beret-wearing communist looks meaningfully up and off into the distance.

  This film has its San Francisco opening tonight. We'll meet outside the Embarcadero Cinemas at 7pm to help hand out fliers to those attending the 730pm screening, then go for dinner at Chevy's nearby and perhaps return to the theater afterward to see if we can get in for the after-film discussion with director Steven Soderbergh who is scheduled to appear in person.

  Bureaucrash.com, which is helping work to tear down the mythology around Guevara, has helpfully sent me some fliers (setting the record straight on the nature of his communist ideology), stickers (Che with Mickey Mouse ears, mocking how his image has become just another consumer product), and a couple Bureaucrash t-shirts* which I'll give to the first two people to get back to me letting me know they'll attend and help flier! (If you receive a t-shirt, please plan to wear or display it at the event!)

  Bureaucrash would like documentation of the event, so bringing video and still-shot cameras, blogging, etc., is encouraged! Signs of course are welcome for the visuals if you want to make or bring something appropriate, though I don't want to make too much noise -- probably better for something like this to keep things fairly low-key except in pro-freedom circles in order to avoid giving the movie more publicity among the general public that it doesn't deserve. Most protests against books, films, works of art, etc., probably hurt as much as they help, by bringing more exposure and revenue to the object of protest. I see this less as a protest than as an educational event designed to help filmgoers get the real scoop on this murderous authoritarian thug.

WHERE: Right outside the Embarcadero Center Cinema, One Embarcadero Center promenade (upstairs) level, Battery & Clay streets in the financial district (http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Market/SanFrancisco/EmbarcaderoCenterCinema.htm)
WHEN: 7pm (I'll try to be there by 645pm or so) [the center is private property, so if security tells us to move, we'll be at the foot of the escalator one level down from the theater, or failing that, outside on the sidewalk on Battery Street]
INFO: Call me at (415) 368-8657

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

*The t-shirts for giveaway feature (1) A skull-image Che with the words "Communism Kills" on a grey shirt and (2) A Che with a red circle and slash and the words "Real Rebels Don't Support Centralized State Authority" on a black shirt

Summary of film (from a promotional email sent by the theater)