Emancipation of young people


  Perhaps I'm reading too much into your wording, but the language
"exceptions may apply" makes it sound like you favor an age-based law
discriminating against young people, regardless of their dependency
status. What I'm proposing is that dependents be allowed to legally
establish themselves as independent individuals by making the legal
affirmations and being of sound mind and body, and that once
independent, that they have full human rights under the law. Do you
disagree with this?

  To answer your question, I think I could have made it independently as
a teenager, but it was not my wish to do so. I did want the choice,

        <<< Starchild >>>

Dear Starchild;

As I so noted exceptions can apply at anytime. But for the vast
majority - Oy Vey! 18 it should be regardless of race, creed, color,
sex, sexual preferences etc etc etc. Unless the persons can show
they are ready to be emancipated a whole heck of a lot earlier.

As I also asked generically of everyone what were you like as a
teenger??? Were you ready for early emancipation???

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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  If a young person is willing and able to strike out on their


before the age of 18 -- as has historically, been the case with


individuals who went on to prosper and make great contributions to
society -- you wouldn't have the law prohibit this, would you? I'm
agreeing that someone who is a dependent of their parents or


should have to take the legal step of emancipating herself in

order to

have full legal rights. I also think that the 18 years following


is a reasonable period for parents or guardians to be required by


to exercise their guardianship, unless the dependent person freely
decides to seek emancipation earlier.

Yours in liberty,
          <<< Starchild >>>

Dear Starchild;

Try to define legally independent and responsible for their own
affairs when talking to a teenager. Good Luck! While there are


teenagers who are very adult at a young age the majority just


ain't. This is why I believe there should be some minimal age
restriction arbitrary as it is at 18. Exceptions to the rule can


applied for at anytime.

A question - not just for Starchild but everyone out there.

If it isn't to painful to think about - what were you like as a

15 -

16 - 17 year old teenager? Anything approaching legally


and responsible for your own affairs??? Whoo Hoo!!!

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Starchild <sfdreamer@e...> wrote:

  Or age, I would say, as long as the individuals involved


independent and responsible for their own affairs.

                    &lt;&lt;&lt; Starchild &gt;&gt;&gt;

From: "Ronald Getty" <tradergroupe@y...>

Any two people 18 years of age or older can get married. I do


believe there should be any distinction or discrimination or
dissension because of sex. <

In addition, no prohibition because of number of individuals


to marry, e.g., polygamy.



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