Emancipation of young people


  If a young person is willing and able to strike out on their own before the age of 18 -- as has historically, been the case with many individuals who went on to prosper and make great contributions to society -- you wouldn't have the law prohibit this, would you? I'm agreeing that someone who is a dependent of their parents or guardians should have to take the legal step of emancipating herself in order to have full legal rights. I also think that the 18 years following birth is a reasonable period for parents or guardians to be required by law to exercise their guardianship, unless the dependent person freely decides to seek emancipation earlier.

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Dear Starchild;

Try to define legally independent and responsible for their own affairs when talking to a teenager. Good Luck! While there are some teenagers who are very adult at a young age the majority just plain ain't. This is why I believe there should be some minimal age restriction arbitrary as it is at 18. Exceptions to the rule can be applied for at anytime.

A question - not just for Starchild but everyone out there.

If it isn't to painful to think about - what were you like as a 15 - 16 - 17 year old teenager? Anything approaching legally independent and responsible for your own affairs??? Whoo Hoo!!!

Ron Getty
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  Or age, I would say, as long as the individuals involved are legally

independent and responsible for their own affairs.

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> From: "Ronald Getty" <tradergroupe@yahoo.com>
>> Any two people 18 years of age or older can get married. I do not
> believe there should be any distinction or discrimination or
> dissension because of sex. <
> In addition, no prohibition because of number of individuals wishing
> to marry, e.g., polygamy.