Electronic voting proposal -- by Libertarians?

I could hardly believe this proposal from Aaron Starr for an electronic
voting scheme prototyped by Alicia Mattson (of Reform Caucus Platform
fame), to be used at the next Libertarian National Convention.

Something tells me that there won't be any paper trail for this (if
there is, I will be both shocked and pleased to support the proposal).
It's incumbent on those of us in the tech industry to show up in San
Diego at the December LNC meeting to speak out against changing
convention voting to paperless electronic ballots. Anyone else speaking
out against it will be accused of being a Luddite. They can't pull that
sort of misdirection if the loudest opponents are all in the tech industry.


Mr. Chairman,

At the last meeting Alicia Mattson volunteered to work on a
prototype for electronic voting at the next convention. She stated that
she would have a prototype ready with at least the core functionality of the
proposed system. I request that time be allotted for her to demonstrate
to us.

Thank you.

Aaron Starr