Elections 06/03/08 Libertarian voters

Hi All,

Ron Getty commented on LPSF Discuss how low the voter turnout was
yesterday. According to initial figures at Department of Elections as
of 06/03/08 11 pm, 27.82%

I did a little spreadsheet in an effort to figure where we
Libertarians stand in San Francisco Bottom line is we are .5% of San
Francisco voters, vs 1.59% American Independent and .38% Peace &
Freedom. 25.27% of us voted, vs 30.2% Democrat and 28.15% Republican.

I propose that we map out a strategy carved in granite at the next
LPSF meeting, that serves the dual purpose of promoting our local
heroes, such as Phil Berg and Kevin Peterson, and increasing our
party's name recognition; as a result of which, I am certain that
Libertarian voter participation and membership will increase. We could
throw in some support for our presidential candidate while we are at
it (if some of us can stomach it).

Some ideas might be: Tabling at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market
every Saturday (such as what some of us did for Ron Paul, and I
enjoyed it immensely). Postcards every month, announcing our Farmers
Market tabling, our LPSF meetings, and our new Drinking Feely Meetup
Group. Helping Phil attend all the Candidate Forums he wants to
attend, and showing up to support him.



S. F. TOTAL 100% 430,259 119,712 27.82%

NON PARTISAN 29.21% 125,688 10,258 8.16%

DEMOCRATIC 55.86% 240,358 72,582 30.20%

REPUBLICAN 10.14% 43,644 12,286 28.15%

AMERICAN IND. 1.59% 6,853 1,536 22.41%

GREEN PARTY 2.32% 9,964 2,950 29.61%

LIBERTARIAN 0.50% 2,137 540 25.27%

PEACE&FREEDOM 0.38% 1,615 353 21.86%

NP - DEMOCRAT 0.00% 0 18,044 0.00%

NP - REPUBLICAN 0.00% 1,163 0.00%

TOTALS S. F. 100.00% 430,259 119,712