Educational Quagmire for San Francisco and US Schools

Thank you to Ron Getty for summarizing the challenge posed by the AFT. The AFT, however, does invite candidates to speak before them (they listened to me politely and asked excellent questions). Is it not up to us Libertarians to engage them in dialogue? If we focus on the issues pertinent to a wide spectrum of the population and address the groups engaged on these issues, we could, for a change, put the Libertarian party on the map.


>The problem with the schools isn't only meeting
racial diversity
>they are also facing a major teachers credentials

Teacher credentialing programs are a big financial and
political scam, are time-consuming, and useless.
Anything learned in these programs could have been
learned in a weekend workshop taught by a private
organization, instead of semester-long classes at

Public schools demand and hire credentialed teachers
yet they have the lowest student performance. Private
schools have less demand on credentialed teachers and
have much higher students performance. Home schooling
has no demand for teachers or credentails and
outperform private and public school students. Maybe
that means that the source of success is parent
involvement as opposed to programs that will magically
create the perfect teacher.

Charter schools seem to work better because the
parents are a little more involved, and the staff is
somewhat protected from centralized school district
bureaucracy; not because teachers have credentials and
have passed a bunch of government-mandated tests.

Teacher credentialing programs actually hurt teachers
by wasting their time and taking time away from
lessons they could be creating for the specific
students they teach, instead.

Also, on another topic, schools districts that spend
the most money per students have the lowest
performance. Which contradicts the argument that we
need to spend more money to achieve success.

Dave Barker
Public School Teacher