Educational Quagmire for San Francisco and US Schools

Dear Everone;

Mike Denny is working on an endorsement from concerned parents in SF
whose children are being sent to schools across the city so there
would be a forced racial diversity in the schools.

The problem with the schools isn't only meeting racial diversity
they are also facing a major teachers credentials crisis. The
Department of Education is requiring all schools by the 2005 school
year to have teachers credentialed and tested for the topics they
are teaching.

This is an admirable goal. But where are all the thousands of
teachers going to come from to meet all the school districts
requirements for credentialed teachers nationwide? Who also pass a
test for specific skills?

See the story below for more info on this brilliance from the Dept
Here in San Francisco, Gateway Charter High School a college prep
school, is acknowledeged to have some of the highest test scores in
the City. Yet, Gateway has the lowest percentage of credentialed
teachers. The principal there has hired the best possible teachers
regardless of credentials.

I'm certain the American Federation Of Teachers ( the teachers
union ) had a hand in generating the federal edict from the Dept.
Education. When qualified individuals are hired to teach they may
not be a union member and then not be subject to union regs on
hiring or having to pay union dues.

The AFT is very proud of the fact that they have forced school
districts to pay higher for union teachers than non-union teachers.
See their web site for this hot item.


Overall the Department of Education has cost the USA more than it
has generated in better education. See the Cato Institute arguments
for de-funding the Deparment of Education. It is in an Adobe Acrobat
PDF format.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat the reader is free from Adobe at:

For the parents and students and teachers in SF and elsewhere - you
are getting another example of your tax dollars at work - without
your say so.

Don't you just love - taxation without representation?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


  You seem very well informed on this topic! How would you like to be a campaign adviser when I run for School Board next year?

Yours in liberty,
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