Educating Congress on the Constitution [1 Attachment]

I'd like to print out a big batch of the attached PDF and send them to every
Civics, US Government, and US History teacher in the area.

Actually, I still have this big stack of blank business card CD-Rs from my
2002 campaign that are quickly becoming obsolete (they don't work in the
newer slot-load drives). I'm wondering if I shouldn't compile a bunch of
materials like this PDF, as well as the various Advocates quiz ads, and put
them on those CDs to mail to area teachers. Any other ideas for materials
we could include? The CDs are only a few dozen MB as I recall, so we're
mostly talking about print materials, though I could see including the ISIL
flash animation "The Philosophy of Liberty."

By the way, should we have "The Philosophy of Liberty" on the LPSF site? We
have it on Outright's site. ISIL has no objection to people helping them
spread it. Here it is if you've not seen it (note that there's music, so
you may want to turn down your speakers):

Yes...the Philosophy of Liberty is fantastic. It's still on my<> site front page and people write to me about it. It's hard to argue with.


Hi Rob,

That sounds like a good idea. Are you thinking of snail mailing? From my work helping the Scholarship Chair of the Cabrillo Club, I have the addresses of all the local high schools, which I can pass along to you if that would help.

Regarding the Philosophy of Liberty for the website, I would say why not.



I've added the Philosophy of Liberty to the left side of

Yes, I was thinking we could mail these business card sized CDs fairly
cheaply (in standard business envelopes) -- maybe that would be a good
in-meeting activism activity? So your list of schools would be great. What
would be even better is if someone could take that list of schools and do a
web search to figure out the Civics/Government/US History teachers at each
of those schools, so we could address it directly to them. How many high
schools are there? I have about half a pack, or approximately 50, of these
business card CDs. (I thought I had more -- forgot that I was able to use a
bunch of them for the LNC race in St. Louis last year.) As it is, we'll
have to put something on the label telling them where the contents can be
downloaded, because teachers tend to have Apple computers, and all the
recent Macs have slot-load drives that won't accept this type of CD. But as
we learned in fundraising class, enclosed premiums are for grabbing
attention and avoiding the junk mail bin, not for actual usefulness.

As I recall (I will look it up later) the scholarship mailing I did middle of January 2011 for Cabrillo was around 45. The labels I have can be modified to add stuff.

One suggestion. When I made the labels for high school civics/history teachers for the anti-war rally organized by Marc Joffe a few years ago, as I recall, I just said "civics department" or something like that.

Definitely an in-meeting activity. However, for next meeting? Not by-laws change as in-meeting activity?


Maybe April for mailing the CDs, to give me extra time to get them burned
and labeled? I'm booked pretty solid with work this month, and apparently
now helping some guy move out to the wilderness on Saturday.


It's a deal. I think this is a good project. Thank you.