Ed Jew to City Attorney: Stop dragging feet -- Produce the Records

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As we were waiting for the medical cannabis item to come up on the agenda today, there was another item about the city trying to get its departments to save water. There were some folks present from the Public Utilities Commission, and I cornered their point man, Scott McDonald afterward to ask him about the disclosure of residential water and power records and whether customers have an expectation of privacy.

  Scott told me that customers do have an expectation of privacy, but noted, when I brought up Ed Jew's case, that there is an exemption for public officials. He said the info wasn't leaked to the media, rather that the PUC had released the data in response to a Sunshine request by the media. When I asked which media, he said he thought it was the Chronicle, a couple of the TV stations, possibly the Guardian and others. As I asked further questions about the release, he also noted that they are only supposed to disclose accounts, not exact addresses. I pointed out that in Ed Jew's case they did disclose the address, but he said the address was already known to the media. I noted that Ed Jew owns multiple properties in San Francisco, so unless they disclosed the billing records specific to the house on 28th Avenue, the media would not have been able to report specifically on the water and power usage for that residence, which they did. Scott seemed unsure about this; he said Ed Jew may have had just a single account. He offered to have someone get back to me, and I gave him my card with two questions on the back:

(1) What the policy is on publicly disclosing residential power and water usage records
(2) Exactly what information was provided to the media in Ed Jew's case

  In summation, it doesn't look like someone at the PUC necessarily acted as improperly as I'd suspected, but the devil still may be in the details. We will see how long it takes them to get back to me, compared to how long it took them to respond to the media requests for info on Ed Jew.

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P.S. - Ed was on the Neighborhood Services Committee that heard the medical cannabis matter today, but was recused from voting because he his owns a building on Ocean Avenue which his father manages in which space is leased by a dispensary. Personally I'm not convinced that this is enough of a conflict of interest that he should be prevented from voting on medical cannabis issues, a point on which Barbara previously agreed with me. I hope that they will look into getting a more reasonable opinion on this issue. If it is still judged to be a conflict of interest, Ed should consider selling this building, or giving it to his father or something, to remove the conflict, because we need his vote for freedom on cannabis issues.