Ed Jew to City Attorney: Stop dragging feet -- Produce the Records

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Running for office like that I hope you don't call
yourself a libertarian as that will make the LP look
even more eccentric and futile. It's crazy ideas like
this that scare mainstream voters into casting a vote
for a libertarian cause they think we are all nuts.

I don't know much about Ed Jew or the SF council, but
if you are to be living in the district you are
representing that follow the rules. Sometimes that's
just what you have to do. This rule sucks, but it's
not like the rule forcing me to not smoke pot and

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Brian you correct!Also, Jew is not one to play
(their) ball. So he's the
first politician I've ever heard of to have their
privatcy violated by
having his water bill checked. You have to have
water to serve???Did you
know that you can be homeless and vote and run for
office. When I run
again I will do so as homeless ans as required only
state the cross

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Attorney: Stop
  dragging feet -- Produce the Records
  Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 15:36:20 -0700 (PDT)

  It strikes me that "residency" laws are

  We live in a global economy now -- one where an
  individual can move at the drop of a hat to
  in the world. The luddites in San Francisco who
  lived there for 40 years and complain about
  "carpetbaggers" likely describe themselves as
  "progressive," but they have no clue about
  (as usual).

  The reality is that many people are more invested
  the community in which they work than the one in
  they live. Further, that community is often more
  static than where one lives for some people -- for
  instance, I will hub from San Francisco in my
  job on many projects even if my residency was to
  change to San Jose, St. Louis or Sao Paolo.

  If someone who spends a lot of time out of
  can vote via absentee ballot, why can't he run for
  office in the district within which he votes?

  And finally, a lot of the partisan hacks going
  Jew are shouting the "he should follow the law! He
  shouldn't challenge it by potentially breaking
  They should tread carefully, since many of them
  break unjust laws regularly -- including the ban
  illegal drug use and the ban on assisting illegal
  immigrants -- and should hope that their words
  come back to haunt them in a courtroom.



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  > Jew is registered to vote here.Where he sleeps
  > who he sleeps with)
  > ain't nobody's damn business.Refer the FEC (Fair
  > Elections Commission).This
  > anti freedom City Attorney is getting on my
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  > Subject: [lpsf-discuss] Fwd: Ed Jew to City
  > Attorney: Stop dragging
  > feet -- Produce the Records
  > Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 21:58:56 -0700
  > Doug Comstock is kind of a political maverick,
  > it seems hard to
  > predict where he will stand from one issue to
  > next. But in the
  > current controversy over Supervisor Jew, he
  > for whatever reason
  > to have come down squarely on Jew's side, and
  > recently had a letter
  > published in the Guardian of all places
  > him. Of course the
  > Guardian has been hesitant to go after Jew the
  > they would if he
  > was caucasian and/or the mayor wasn't legally
  > empowered to pick the
  > replacement for the seat, but I have little
  > that Tim Redmond
  > would prefer to see him gone, and that he
  > published the letter mostly
  > as a courtesy to Comstock, a sometimes-ally.
  > Love & Liberty,<<< starchild >>>
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  > Ed Jew to City Attorney: Stop dragging feet --
  > Produce the Records
  > Page 1. 7/20/07 9 days after his 24-hour legally
  > filed disclosure
  > request from the City Attorney, as required in
  > Sunshine Ordinance
  > [Info that must be
  > Advice on
  > compliance with, analysis of, an opinion
  > concerning liability under,
  > or any communication otherwise concerning the
  > California Public
  > Records Act, the Ralph M. Brown Act, the
  > Reform Act, any
  > San Francisco governmental ethics code, or this
  > Ordinance.
  > Nor has Supervisor Jew received the documents he
  > requested on a
  > "rolling basis."
  > Page 2-3.7/11/07 Original Sunshine Immediate
  > Disclosure Request.
  > Page 4.7/12/07 Initial response from City
  > Attorney.
  > Page 5-6.7/12/07 Ed Jew's complaint for
  > insufficient and disingenuous
  > response to Sunshine request.
  > Page 7-9.7/12/07 Requesting the AG to disqualify
  > the City Attorney's
  > Office from Quo Warranto proceeding."The City
  > Attorney has a very
  > high ethical duty to provide a full and fair
  > record of the facts in
  > all proceedings which he initiates; his duty was
  > especially high in
  > this matter, in which he acted both as a public
  > attorney and as a
  > "Realtor" on behalf of the People of the State.
  > California courts
  > have concluded that city attorneys occupy a
  > position analogous to a
  > public prosecutor and, therefore, have a special
  > ethical obligation
  > to accomplish "impartial justice."
  > The City Attorney is required to develop a "full

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