Ed Jew Event

Yes Doug, you can list me as a supporter! I urge everyone receiving these messages to likewise up to the plate. It's obvious there is a full-court press by much of the SF political establishment to remove Ed, and that he is being held to a higher standard than many other politicians would be because he is an independent who tends to think for himself and represent the people instead of being a "team player" at City Hall.

  While I'm not saying Ed is necessarily blameless, if it's alleged that he must be investigated for removal from office for something as minor as spending his time in the wrong house, then I think that first his two prosecutors should face similar investigations on two much more significant matters -- City Attorney Dennis Herrera for refusing to accept the referendum on Bayview redevelopment for which sufficient signatures were collected to qualify it for the ballot, and District Attorney Kamala Harris for ignoring the will of the voters expressed by the passage of Proposition W in 1978 to cease marijuana arrests and prosecutions in San Francisco and for violating the law passed by the Board of Supervisors last year stating that prosecuting marijuana offenses is to be her office's lowest priority. Since then, her office has allegedly continued to prosecute marijuana cases while other crimes go unprosecuted. The front page of today's SF Daily, for instance, says that according to police, Harris is derelict in prosecuting one-on-one street robberies.

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