Ed Clark on anarchism (video)

Just stumbled across this video blast from the past -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lsrgf2mdEno . A brief clip that includes 1980 LP presidential candidate Ed Clark being asked about anarchy and the Libertarian Party. Except for dissociating the party from violence, he does not attempt to disown anarchists at all, merely saying that "as a political movement, Libertarians don't envision anarchism as an *immediate* alternative." [emphasis added] And Clark was the candidate of the *moderate* faction of the party!

  Another individual being interviewed (he looks vaguely familiar, maybe somebody here can identify him!) in the video says he believes that "the (Libertarian) party contains within it probably more people of an anarchist tendency than any other organization in the country." People like "Millionaire Republican" and now (nearly bankrupt?) LP presidential hopeful Wayne Allyn Root, who recently implied that anarchists in the LP are not really libertarians, are clearly out of touch with the radical historical mission of our party, which we try to hide or run away from to our own detriment. During the '80s and '90s and up to the present, I believe the party gradually became ideologically weaker and less radical, and partly as a result of this, lost the momentum it had during the 1970s.

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