[EBL-discuss] OT: Please stop FEMA's plan to clearcut tens of thousands of trees in Berkeley and Oakland!!


  But FEMA? The FEDERAL Emergency Management Administration? And using tons of herbicide!? Why can't local groups cut down non-native trees a few at a time and replace them with other plantings when they do so to avoid leaving gaping barren areas, instead of engaging in massive clearcutting? I'd rather see live oak than eucalyptus myself, but is this a pressing problem that needs to be addressed in this fashion?

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Yep, I had pointed this before. This is not really a FEMA issue; it is a radical environmentalist issue. FEMA provides the funds, and they take it. This is only one area where the Feds are dousing the states and cities with money in exchange for control (Mike D. and I both posted the WSJ articles on militarization of police, for example). But wait, there is more -- developers a lurking in the background shadows too.