Dues Confusion

Oh, I just assumed it was the letter Marcy sent out.


Starchild wrote:

LOL! It didn't occur to me that he might mean the letter Marcy drafted, but Steve wasn't at the meeting on Saturday. Steve, is your letter from Marcy?

  Anyway, to answer your question, you don't need to pay in order to continue to be an LP member and vote at meetings* unless it's time to renew your membership anyway. But even if your dues aren't due now, my advice (for all of us!) is to send $25 to the LPC before September 30 in order to extend for an additional year at that rate rather than paying $50 to renew later. If you feel like it, you can donate the $25 you save to the LPSF.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

*Indeed I'm not sure it's required to be a paid member to vote at meetings, as long as you've signed the pledge; there seems to be some disagreement on this. But paying dues guarantees you'll be subscribed to the party newsletters.

It was.

-- Steve