Drink Up For Liberty! PLAYBAR benefit for RON PAUL, Thursday Oct. 4, 6-10pm - 101 6th Street at Mission

Playbar will be offering drink specials, and 15 percent of all proceeds from drinks sold between 6 and 10 p.m. will go to help get pro-freedom presidential candidate Ron Paul elected! So please forward this email to anyone you know who might like to come out tomorrow evening and have a drink with you.

Invite your friends!
Invite your co-workers!
Invite your sweetie!
Invite your dog!

  OK, maybe not your dog, unless of course you're going to be buying him drinks. But you get the point. We'll be showing video footage of Ron Paul from the presidential debates, supporters on the campaign trail, and independent videos from YouTube, and you'll have the chance to take home a free DVD of your own. There will also be drinking game challenges -- actual games, as in board games and games of balance! (If you have a favorite game, feel free to bring it.) Meanwhile, enjoy tunes spun by PLAYBAR's talented DJ Matisse as you mix, mingle and schmooze with some of the folks from the local Ron Paul Meetup group at http://ronpaul.meetup.com/36/ (we're now up to 306 members in San Francisco!), and find out how you can be a part of the Ron Paul rEVOLution!

  If you haven't been paying too much attention to the 2008 presidential race, you may be surprised to hear that Ron Paul is a serious contender, because the mainstream media continue to underreport his campaign. Nevertheless the facts show that he is a top tier candidate and has a real shot at winning the election:

• In head-to-head matchups with the other Republican candidates, Ron Paul has a better win-lose-tie record for placing in state and local straw poll results than any of them, including the so-called "top tier" candidates Romney, McCain, Giuliani and Thompson (see http://www.ronpaul2008.com/straw-poll-results/ ).

• Ron Paul comes in #1 in most online polls thanks to his dedicated grassroots volunteer supporters (see http://wiki.freetalklive.com/Ron_Paul_Polls )

• Las Vegas oddsmakers SportsBook.com recently increased his chances of getting elected to 6:1 (Reportedly he started out at 300:1!)

• In the most recent Republican debate, hosted by talk show host Tavis Smiley with a largely African American audience, Ron Paul consistently drew by far the most audience applause of all the candidates present

• Ron Paul's fund raising is taking off -- the campaign just reported today having raised over $5 million in the third quarter, which is up 114 percent from last quarter, while leading competitors' totals decreased, with Romney's total down 29 percent, Giuliani's down 40 percent, and McCain down 55 percent (see http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ )

  And why does all this matter, you ask? Because the political establishment wants you to think Ron Paul can't win, so that you won't bother to register Republican to vote for him in the primary. The GOP has departed from usual policy and changed its rules in California so that independents and Democrats can't vote in their primary next year, we believe in an attempt to try to limit crossover votes for Dr. Paul.

  I hope you won't let that stop you. Ron Paul is the only major candidate who is serious about stopping America from becoming a police state, who would withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq immediately, and who understands that this country is on the brink of an economic crisis. If you support freedom -- i.e. you want government to stop infringing on civil liberties, tax people less, spend and borrow less money, stop trying to run an empire, and generally interfere less in our lives, please come join us at Playbar this Thursday evening and raise a toast to Freedom!

Peace, Love & Liberty,
            ((( starchild )))
         Local Ron Paul for President Volunteer

PLAYBAR location:
101 6th Street at Mission
San Francisco, CA 94103


Or http://tinyurl.com/23pr8x

Directions from South Bay coming up 101:
Keep RIGHT to take I-80 E via EXIT 433B toward BAY BRIDGE / OAKLAND / SEVENTH ST / US-101 N.
Take the SEVENTH ST exit- EXIT 1- toward US-101 N / GG BRIDGE / DOWNTOWN.
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto 7TH ST. Go 3 blocks.
Turn RIGHT onto MISSION ST. Go 1 block.
End at 101 6th St (corner of Mission)
San Francisco, CA 94103-2814, US

Directions from East Bay coming across Bay Bridge:
Take the 5TH ST exit- EXIT 1B- on the LEFT toward US-101 N / GOLDEN GATE BR.
Turn LEFT onto HARRISON ST. Go 1 block.
Turn RIGHT onto 6TH ST. Go 3 blocks.
End at 101 6th St (corner of Mission)
San Francisco, CA 94103-2814, US