Draft minutes of February 2008 LPSF monthly meeting

Apologies for not getting the minutes out by last Saturday. I will
be seeking to continue the practice of putting them out within a week
of our meetings. I also hope to be getting a laptop computer, which
should improve my note-taking ability.

  Please get back to me with any proposed changes or corrections by
next Saturday, following which I will make any changes and issue
final minutes of the meeting.

  The draft minutes are copied and pasted below, and also attached as
a Microsoft Word document. Are our minutes also being uploaded as
files to the website?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

LPSF Meeting Minutes - 2-9-08 (429 Bytes)

LPSF Meeting Minutes - 2-9-08 (109 KB)

Thanks for getting these out, Starchild.

Jeremy and I both donated $5 because we *overpaid* our dues, not
*under*paid; we donated the excess rather than seek a refund.