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You've drafted a wonderful statement which would appeal to libertarian eggheads only.

Unfortunately, the audience you wish to interest has a sound-bite attention span. I suggest you review Ron Paul's site (www.ronpaul.org) and model yours after his. This is the text on his home page:

"Dear Friend,
Man's nature is unchanging, and so are the principles of liberty. And when I raise my hand to swear to Almighty God that I will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, I mean it with all my heart, as you would. That's why, before every vote
I take, I ask if the legislation under consideration is constitutional. Of course, it virtually never is. That's why they call me, `Dr. No.' I will not support any bill that violates the Constitution! Ron Paul"

Simple and to the point. Easy on the eye and on the brain.

Best, Michael

Mike and Starchild, Your
advice is noted. I will take
most of the article off and
put it into links. I will
emphasize war and empire
as I think that is the biggest
problem and the one on
which my opinions resonant
most with the voters here in
the left half of san francisco,
looking from the North of
Ron Paul hails from Texas,
but here in San Francisco,
the Constitution is not
something to be revered, it
as object of contempt written
by dead rich white male
slave owners a long time
ago and stands in the way of
progress to Socialist Utopia.
In other words a non starter.
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You've drafted a wonderful

statement which would
appeal to libertarian

eggheads only.

Unfortunately, the

audience you wish to interest
has a sound-bite

attention span. I suggest

you review Ron Paul's site

and model yours after his.

This is the text on his home

"Dear Friend,
Man's nature is

unchanging, and so are the
principles of liberty. And

when I raise my hand to

swear to Almighty God that I
will preserve,

protect, and defend the

Constitution, I mean it with all
my heart, as

you would. That's why,

before every vote

I take, I ask if the

legislation under
consideration is

constitutional. Of course, it

virtually never is. That's why
they call

me, `Dr. No.' I will not

support any bill that violates

Constitution! Ron Paul"

Simple and to the point.

Easy on the eye and on the

Best, Michael

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> Is anyone really suprised

that the

> President shot first and


> questions later. Isn't that

the kind of

> thinking needed to run

the New

> American Empire. No

hesitation, no

> weakness, Ever!, or the


> be at the gates. War

must be taken

> the Enemy. (After all, if

we don't

> those birds in thier

place, Alfred

> Hitchcocks vision could


> and the Birds could eat

our lunch!).

> but seriously...
> Is there any real

opposition to the

> American Empire of

Endless War.

> In the last elction the

choice was

> between Less troops, or


> Between Yale and Yale.
> The Democrats voted en

mass to

> divest themselves of

responsibility or

> accountability for the

second Iraq

> by going AWOL of thier
> to vote a Declaration of

War. No

> opposition.. No hearings

held to

> check the President's


> WMD. No witnesses

called in public

> in secret to probe the


> gatherers about what

they really

> thought. No, the polls

supported the

> (Vice) President. The

public wanted

> watch war on thier new

Digital Wide

> Screeens, made in

China, and

> on home equity credit

card. The

> Democrats folded with

barely a

> wimper. Some

Democrats from anti

> war districts, like Nancy


> against the war

proposition but

> the funds. And on the

Sunday after

> the proposition was


> overwhelming,


> the leader of the LOYAL


> was there on the 50 inch
> dressed in Red scarf,

White Blouse

> and Blue suit, with an


> lapel pin, assuring

America that she

> and the Democrats

would support

> President in whatever

decision he

> made.
> Was Ms pilosi's behavior

in the lead

> up to the war out of

character for a

> called Liberal Democrat.

After all,did

> the Democrats when

they last

> controlled the House,

the Senate,

> the Presidency,

dismantle any of the

> Empire of War?. Did

they finally

> execute an exit strategy


> Germany, from Korea,

from NATO.

> No they dabbled here

and there but

> had no vision to make

us a normal

> country again.
> San Fransicans are

Peace loving

> people. We know in our

hearts and

> our minds that we don't

have to be

> Emperor of the World.

The world

> hates empires and

always works to

> destroy them. To

maintain Empire

> means Endless War.
> San Fransicans are


> liberals in large

measure. We hate

> war.
> Then why have San


> for tacit supplicants to

war? Who

> knows. But the party of


> Liberalism is hereto give


> Framncisco a choice.
> Libertarian is just a funny


> word for Classic Liberal.

It's a weird

> word for a great tradition.


> is a strange name for a


> and Trader Joe's sounds

like a

> suburban hotel cocktail

lounge, it a

> word that San

Franciscans can learn

> to love once the product

is tried.

> Libertarians oppose all

but directly

> defensive War. We


> oppose Empire and

endless war.

> San Fransicans have a

choice in

> November, they can

vote for Nancy

> Pilosi, and maybe get a

little less

> Empire, and a littlemore

or less War.

> or they vote for the

Classic Liberal,

> the Libertarian, a strange

word for a

> great idea.
> When San Francisco

elects s

> Libertarian to congress it

has the

> potential to set off a


> against the Empire of

Endless War.

> even has the potential to

end the

> war between Red and

Blue. There is

> large number of


> Republicans who detest


> debt supporting empire.


> lead, middle america

might rise up

> against the tyranny of

the status

> and vote out the

Republican Empire

> Builders.
> The strtegy is simple,

give the Neo

> Conservative

Republicans what they

> say they have always

waqnted and

> Give it to them GOOD

and HARD.

> Give them Limited


> them the Constitution.

Give them

> income tax cuts to zero.

Give them

> hard money they cannot

just print to

> pay for Empire with

inflation. Make

> them come begging to

the States for

> an aircraft Carrier. Take

the money

> out of the Empire of War

and put it

> into Sacramento and

Annapolis and

> Albany. Then we

Libertarians can

> have agood old

fashioned Political

> fight with the powers that

be in

Sacramento over wether
> compassion begins at

Home or in

> Sacramento, but at least

we will

have resources for


>, not just the
> scraps after War has

eaten the

> countrys' financial heart


> Only Libertarians have

the best

> product , less war, more

filling. Try

> take a taste in

November. You have

> nothing to lose but your

chains, I

mean it's not like a
> Republican can win


When you elect me, the

first vote I

take will be for which party

will run the

house. If only one party


immediate withdrawal from

Iraq, I will

vote for that party, wether

it be

Democrat or Republican. If


party will make that

promise, I will

bargain for as much peace

and as

little empire as possible.


Democrats will probably

win my vote.

Steny Hoyer would then


Speaker of the House. I

met mr Hoyer

once. A friend asked me

to take off

work and drive to Saint

Mary's County

Maryland to appear on

behalf of a

Seventy year old man on

trial for a

parole violation from a

long ago child

molestation conviction. It

seems the

old man had recently

babysat for a

family member and in the

heat of an

internal familyy dispute the

old man

was turned in for

babysitting, a

violation of his parole. The


was going for broke. Mr.

Hoyer had

defended the man years

before, and

took time off from Capitol

Hill to come

defend this most

unpopular defendant.

This makes Mr. Hoyer a

man of honor

in my eyes, so you needn't


yourselves that in Ms

Pilos's absence

the Speakership will fall to

a rogue.

While we are talking about


that is where both I and

Ms. Pilosi hail

from. I remember her

brother as

Mayor when I was a teen.

He was a

really nice guy. He was

sort of the

Rodney King of the

Baltimore riots

following Rev. Dr. Martin

Luther King's

assination. Why can't we

all just get

along. What I do not

remeber was him

standing up and saying"

no, not in my

city," when then Govenor

Spiro Agnew

issued shoot to kill orders

to the

Maryland National Guard.

The shoot

to kill order got

Presidential candidate

Richard Nixon's attention

and the

Governor moved on to

greater infamy.

Mayor D'alesndro seemed

never to

recover from the trauma

and quitly left

office after only one term.

Like her brother, Nancy

Pilosi is a

very nice lady. And like her


she has not stood up

effectively to the

Republican empire

builders. She

needs to be asked to take

her good

heart to somewhere else

besides the

House of Representatives.

leaving the

public stage for someone

who has a

clear vision on how to

stand up for


Looking at how we got into

this mess

can show the way out.


Roosevelt stands tall in the


gallery of war mongers.

His powers

were slightly diluted by


respect for the

Constitution's limits on

the powers of the central


The best he could do was

make war

with a by then fifth rate

power, Spain.

It was an ugly part of our

history, but

the worrst was yet to


Woodrow Wilson was

intent on War

from the day he was

inaguarated. He

was the model Gerge

Bush follows.

He was intent on making

war and

making the world "safe for
Democracy." What stood

in his way

was the Constitution's


against personally levied

taxes and

paper money. In a coup of
machiavellen statecraft he


the questionable

ratification of the

sixteenth ammendment

and convinced

Congress to pass the

Federal Reserve

Act which established a


owned central bank to

ensure an

ample supply of credit for

a soon to

be world power. The US

was now

financially prepared for


The Federal Reserve Bank

ws at least

the third attempt to

establish a

national bank. The

Democratic Party

was essentially founded to

oppose the

Second National bank,

and that is

exactly what Andrew

Jackson, the first

peoples president did.

The Federal Reserve is a


owned bank whose


include Lazard Freres

spelling", the

Rothschild Bank of

Englamd, Morgan

Chase, and Citi.

When the Federal

Reserve was

established in 1913,

Congress was

promised that preservation

of the

value of the currency was

to be it's

primary mission. In less

than 100

years the value of the

dollar has been

reduced to two cents.

Since the

election of George Bush

the Federal

eserve has doubled the

amount of

dollars in circulation *I

need to fact

check this.....
If you had put one hundred

dollars in

your dwarer on the first

tuesday of

November of 2000, by

some accounts,

especially considering the

amount of

gas or helath insurance or

house that

one hundred dollars can

buy, it is

only worth fifty dollars now.

You open

the drawer five and a half

years later

and found someone stole

fifty dollars

from your drawer. If a thief

did that

and he was caught , he

would go to

jail. But the thief speaks in


tongues, is knighted by

The Qween,

and hailed as the greatest


banker ever. Who got your

fifty dollars

and half of every dollar

that any

American was foolish

enough to leave

in cash over the last six

years/? The

owners of the Fed and

other New

York Banks were the first

to get the

newly printed money.

When the Fed

prints up new money or

actually just

pushes a button on a

computer and

creates money out of thin

air, the first

people to get that money

are the New

York banks. Only the New

York banks

get first dibs on the fresh

new money.

Why?. Because they wrote


Federal Reserve Act and

did not want

to share the booty with any


banks. The Fed can create

money out

of thin air in many different

ways, but

each way is like reaching

in your desk

dwarer and taking out a

ten spot. The

number one purpose of

the Fed in

President Wilsons mind

was to give

Washington the ability to

fund war

with debt and reduce the

burden of

debt with inflation. Real

bullets have

to be bought, and

something else has

to be sacrificed to pay for

the bullets.

But inflation is invisble to

the public.

John Maynard Keynes

said that not

one person in a million can

detect the

theft of inflation and

identify it's cause.

This is how Lyndon

Johnson paid for

the war in Vietnam and put

the bill to

the American people in the

form of the

nasty stagflation that poor


Carter got blamed for. The

Fed has

been running the printing

pressing red

hot for years. Inflation of 4

percent is

the tame inflation the


admits to. But you can

look at your

health insurance bill, or

your,gas bill,

or housing prices and tell

me what

inflation really is when the


meets the kitchen table.

Four percent

inflation led President

Nixon to declare

a National emergeny and


wage and price controls.

Of course

that did not work because

the grocer

is not the cause of

inflation. The

Federal reserve and only

the Federal

Reserve creates inflation/.
Once before I went legally

blind, I

stopped for gas on I 5 and

the sign at

the cashier's station read,

Please do

not yell at the clerk, the

clerk does not

make pricing decisions for

the Shell

Oil company. Well neither

does Shell

Oil. The price of a gallon of

gas is in

the usnits dollars per

gallon. If there

are twice as many dollars


around the world now as

there were

when GBII was first

appointed, is it

any wonder it costs twice

as much in

terms of dollars to buy a

gallon of gas


Inflation absolutely screws


people the elderly, the sick

, and the

disabled. Few if any have


that is properly indexed to


Savings are destroyed by


Renters have no asset to

climb the

inflation ladder.This

punishes the

young and the newly


immigrant. Stocks have

not gone up

since 2000 and are pretty

much where

they were in1997.They are

a nearly

guarnateed loser for the

small guy as

the insiders make the big

bucks and

know when to sell.. The


insiders are of course the

New York

Bankers. they get the

hundreds of

billions of newly minted

money first

and then lend it out to the

rest of the

country and world. In turn,

when the

Fed's presses are running,

thier profits

are lets say, nice. Last


according to the New York


Comptroller, the New York


employees of the money

center Banks

collected just under 25

Billion Dollars

in bonuses down a few

Billion from

the previous Christmas.
Both Republicans and


coddle Wall Street. Huey

Long, the

colorful maverick Govenor

of Lousiana

was famous for saying, the


is like a restaurant, you


Democratic waiters and

you have

Republican Waiters, but

they both

save the same expotive


cooked in the Wall Street


Inflation is the number one

cause of

economic misery and the

number one

reason the rich get richer

and the poor

get poorer. The only way

to stop

inflation is to abolish the


reserve.and have sound

money of

fixed supply that cannot be


out of thin air whenever


republicans or Democrats

wannt to

fight another war on the

backs of the

poor and middle class.

America did

without a central bank for

most of the

period between 1789 and

1913. By

looking at old real estate

records and

newspaper ads one can

see that

prices were pretty much

stable during

that whole period, with

small bouts of

inflation and deflations

whenever the

government tried a

National Banking

scheme or some other

schem to

artificailly increase credit.

There was

no Great Depression until

the federal

reserve made the massive


expansion to pay for World

War One

and fuel the boom of the


twenties that led directly to

the Great

I know this is a lot to read

and a lot to

take in, but the point I want

to make is

that by voting for a

Libertarian you get

someone who knows how

the game of

endless war is played and

knows what

to do to end it.
There already is another

Libertarian in

Congress. He is a nominal


but he was the Libertarian


Candidtae in 1988.His

name is Doctor

Ron Paul. He is an


opponent of the War and


frequently shared stages

with Terri

Sheehan. He only votes

Republican in

procedural votes. I will

follow his lead,

and promise you I will vote


in procedural votes unless

olny the

Republicans promise


withdrawal from Iraq. I will


play hard to get to get as

much peace

promises out of the Dems

as I can.

But I know the hearts of

San Francisco

hate the Repubblicans and

I respect

that. I will vote no on any


appropriation that includes

funds for

foreign based troops

unless the US is

directly attacked by a clear

enemy, or

the threat of an attack is

real and

My goal will be to help

make the

United States just another


Switzerland or Costa Rica.

Nuetral in

foreign affairs. George


major policy statement in

his farewell

address will be my guide.

Here are some tough

divisive issues...

As for Israel, so long as it's


threaten it's right to exist, I

will lobby

for a bill giving a one

hundred percent

federal income tac credit

for every

dollar donated to the state

of Israel.

The credit will be fully

transferable to

any other person's income

tax the

person wishes to give it to.

If Israel is

attacked, any American

wishing to

defend it will receive

immunity from all

Federal taxes for life. If


launches an unprovoked

attack on it's

neighbors, I will propose

that similar

income tax breaks will be

granted for

those who wish to defend


I will support very liberal


policies for any who are

threatened by

tyranny throughout the


I will not vote for any


that leaves any US troops


overseas. I support


dismantlement of Empire.

Who needs

it. Costa Rica and

Switxerlad should

be our models and George
Washington our guide.,

Thats enough for tonight>
> .
>Suggeestions and

criticism and fact

Also, take a look at my Assembly campaign page, <URL:
http://www.lpsf.org/maden04/ >. My top priorities are described briefly
on the home page, and expanded separately in other pages. There is also a
positions page that listed those and other issues.