DRAFT argument against Proposition J (hotel tax)


  Sorry to hear of your ordeal at the dentist! I guess that probably
explains why you didn't answer my phone call. I had a minor ordeal
this morning as well, namely that just at the time I had finished
writing this argument around 10am and was trying to send it, my
outgoing emails wouldn't send. A phone call through voicemail hell
uncovered the fact that Earthlink was doing maintenance on their

  By the time my message did get posted, I figured there was not enough
time for the LPSF to do anything, and I went ahead and headed out to
City Hall, where I submitted 12 copies of the argument in my name
only. As it turns out however it was all for naught in any case,
because the Elections Department called a couple hours later to inform
me that Gavin Newsom had filed an opponent argument at the last
minute, superseding the lottery process to take the opponent slot for
himself. This was particularly irksome given that while Newsom opposes
Prop. J, he *supports* Prop. K, which would also effectively raise
hotel taxes, albeit by not quite as much, by closing "loopholes" (I
trust everyone knows government's definition of a loophole).

  Anyway, I do appreciate your willingness to have the LPSF endorse the
argument. I was indeed trying to strike two different notes
simultaneously, as I did in 2008 to plug Prop. K (decriminalizing
prostitution) when arguing against a telephone tax. :slight_smile: I think
equating disparate issues in this manner can help educate the public
about the connections between the economic liberties that Libertarians
support on one hand, and the civil liberties we support on the other.
Recently I've been mentioning to the anti-Sit/Lie folks how some of
the business antipathy toward people sitting or lying on the sidewalk
may be traced to a lack of respect for property rights, i.e. business
owners thinking that if other people can tell them, via government,
what to do on their own property, why shouldn't they be able to tell
other people, via government, what those people can do on public
property? Unfortunately two wrongs don't make a right!

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Oh, no! Like you said, when it rains it really rains! Yes, I heard your phone messages. The first one, I was still at the dentist, and the second one I was wiped out by the anesthesia and could not even talk! And then, insult added to injury that a regular voter can be pre-empted by a politician!