Downsize DC partnership?

I am at a loss. Why would we not ask everybody?


You mean asking everybody? I guess I missed where she said that
before. Sounds good to me though.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear LPSF Folks,

With this and all other bills, please keep in mind Harry Browne's
immortal words from What Govt Doesn't Work:
"You don't control the government. No government
program will operate as you imagine it should. The politicians and
bureaucrats will transform your wonderful idea to suit themselves -
into something quite different from what you envision. So all the talk
about the wonderful things this program or law is supposed to do is
just talk. It's just a game of "pretend," and has no relevance to how
politicians and bureaucrats will use the force of government to get
what they really want."

Warm regards, Michael