Door Hanger Distribution Update

Dear All,

Order of Door Hangers:

As we decided at the LPSF meeting, I have today ordered from 1,000 door hangers. The order instructions on the form many of us received did not have an option to order by e-mail (scan and e-mail) or by fax; however, the order instructions on the LP website did. So I took a chance and ordered by e-mail. If anyone out there has knowledge that this strategy will not work for this offer, please let me know.


I plan to have 22 sheets of printed labels here (660 labels). Rob has 2 sheets of printed labels (60 labels). I will put labels on the 200 door hangers I have here, and will plan on putting another 200 labels on the new order when it arrives. That's all the labels I can handle before next Saturday when we plan to meet.

People Power:

Our door hanger distribution on Saturday will be a great opportunity for us not only to have a good time as a group, but also to spread the Libertarian word. I am hoping that activists who have not been able to come to our meetings for a long time will join us also.

As soon as we agree on this Activist List about a meeting place, etc., we can start publicizing the event.


We proposed at the meeting that we would pick a neighborhood, meet at a specific location, fan out in two's (for safety, company, and essential for those of us who will not go alone) each covering one side of the street, then meet again to compare notes and dinner if we choose.


We did not pick a neighborhood at the LPSF meeting, but more or less agreed that we would consider Jawj's suggestion of Miraloma (she was there looking for a house and noted the absence of Obama window signs; thus concluded not a bastion of Democratic fervor). I am OK with that suggestion, unless I hear strong dissent for good reason.

Miraloma neighborhood according to the map I am looking at is flanked by Woodside, St. Francis Woods, Glenn Park, Glenn Canyon. The core of the neighborhood is between Portola Drive and Yerba Buena Ave.

Stay tuned.


Marcy, do you think we could find a more hilly neighborhood? I want to be
sure my knees are completely useless and not just mostly useless the next
day. :wink:

Hi Rob,

Not my choice of neighborhood -- apparent consensus at the meeting after Jawj's suggestion!!! As I said in my post, I am OK with the consensus unless I hear strong objection (and concomitant alternative suggestion!). Upon helping me find the neighborhood on the map, Bart suggested going to Portola Drive and walking DOWN.


I'm happy go wherever the consensus wants us to go. Not sure if those of us
at the meeting who participated in the consensus knew the details about the
walkability of the location, however. But Bart's idea of starting uphill
works well, except that at least the driver who gets us there will have to
walk back up to retrieve the car.

A possible alternative would be out in the Sunset. Anywhere with
rectangular blocks. Parallel streets. It will be easier to divide them
amongst the group that way. Of course, that's assuming we have "a group" --
if it's just 4 of us, I suppose we can just set out in opposite directions
on the same street, one per side.

Who's planning to participate?

Hi Rob,

Great! I suggest closing the voting on what neighborhood by Tuesday 12th. On Wednesday 13th we start publicizing the event on whatever lists and to whatever groups we can garner.

It would be great to have folks from this Activists List stand up and be counted! It is interesting that the Bay Area Tea Party members are distributing door hangers by the tons. How about us??


Although I unfortunately won't be here this weekend to take part, I'm
delighted to see this effort coming together!

  My recommendation for where to distribute the literature is a
neighborhood with a younger demographic, because younger people as we
know are more likely on average to be open to changing their political

  So I think the inner Sunset around the N-Judah line would be a good
area to hit, or perhaps in Marcy's area near SF State, or near USF
(roughly Fulton & Masonic area), or any area with cheap rental housing
such as in parts of the Mission, Tenderloin, out near City College, etc.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I received the labels, Marcy, and I've affixed them to the door hangers.
All but two of the hangers I have here now have labels.

How many people do we have confirmed for Saturday?