Don't forget to vote! You have an hour

If anyone hasn’t voted in the recall election yet, it is today, and you have an hour until the polls close! I encourage you to find your polling place (if you don’t know it, you can call the Elections Department at 415-554-5375 and they can look up your registration and tell you) and go vote.

A friend just told me they are reporting results already, which is rather disturbing for reasons I’ll get into in a subsequent message, but the good news is that she said Libertarian candidate Jeff Hewitt is coming in third. Considering all the Republicans and Democrats running, that would be an excellent result.

I voted for Hewitt myself as the party’s nominee, but if you don’t want to for some reason, small-l libertarian Nickolas Wildstar who spoke to the LPSF previously is running as a Republican. Some people also like Republican candidate Larry Elder, who has some libertarian leanings but I don’t think is as libertarian as Hewitt or Wildstar.

While Elder is considered the leading contender, no one (in my view) should vote on the basis of who they expect to win. Your vote won’t change the outcome anyway – not in any election as big as a California statewide vote. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightening or winning the lottery. Better to uphold democracy by voting for the candidate you actually prefer to see win. When people don’t do this, but instead vote based on what they think the outcome will be, then democracy is effectively broken, because the results won’t reflect the true preferences of the electorate.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))