Don't forget to bring your laptops to the LPSF meeting

Our in-meeting activism will be to get everyone possible set up with a
Facebook account and linked in to various groups to spread the message
of LPSF and of libertarianism in general. So bring your laptops, cell
phones, etc., to Saturday's meeting. We have free wireless internet
access in the conference room.


Hi Rob,

I opened a Facebook account at home, since I do not have a laptop. Pretty simple to open the account. So, my question, as I stared at the screen, was not "how" but "WHY"?!?! I cannot figure out the point, and I hope you will elucidate us stone-age relics (who don't even have laptops, and barely have cell phones that just call people!!!) on the strategies to use to get the word out to appropriate market segments.

I could see the usefulness of Ron's page, where he can write articles, etc, and find ways to draw folks to the page to read them. Therefore, I look forward to hearing about the ways in which we all could use Facebook in similar ways.

And BTW, thank you for taking on this important task, Rob. I recall you resisted for a while, given how loaded down with work you already are.




I wish to echo Marcy's sentiment entirely.

It was easy to open an account. Please instruct us at the meeting on what to
do with it.

Warm regards, Michael

Join our group:

and then start evangelizing. :slight_smile: