Donald Trump wants to Abolish the 14th Amendment and Bring Back Slavey.

Donald Trump wants to Abolish the 14th Amendment. This is the amendment
that freed the slaves by giving them citizenship.

Judge Roy Moore, Trump's candidate for US Senate, said that the people were
happy under slavery.

The questions is: After the 14th Amendment has been abolished, will the
former slaves go back into slavery? Will the former slave owners get their
slaves back?

Will the re-institution of slavery be retroactive or just prospective?

Our research does not find that the Trump family owned any slaves, so he
will not get any back, but we suspect that Trump might like to own some.

In case anybody doubts that Trump wants to abolish the 14th Amendment, do a
the 14th Amendment could be abolished by the end of his second term "if
things go smoothly!"

Sam Sloan

To clarify. Trump was discussing the 14th Amendment, as well as U.S. vs Wong Kim Ark, in relation to "birthright" in connection with mother being in the U.S. illegally. The Wong case involved parents who were citizens of China but living in the U.S. legally. Nothing to do with slavery.

I also suggest Googling to get a clear picture.


Thank you for your response. There is absolutely no possibility that the US
Supreme Court is going to overturn a 1898 decision that has become the
bedrock of our society. If Trump
wants to change that it will have to be by constitutional amendment. There
are literally a million court decisions based on the 14th Amendment.
Abolish the 14th Amendment and nobody can tell what that will bring. This
is just one of those crazy wacko statements that Trump keeps making.