DOMA, Patriot Act, RealID, War on Drugs are "most libertarian?"

Bobb Barr, "libertarian" chief sponsor of DOMA? (I understand he's since moderated some of his stances when courted by the LNC in a, in my view, premature appointment to GA's representation, but he certainly wasn't a "libertarian" during his time in Congress, when he expanded the drug war and the anti-gay pogrom.)

Dana Rohrabacher, the primary sponsor of the Real ID Act, which makes biometric national ID cards mandatory in order to cross state lines on an airplane or bus, a "libertarian?" Dear Sweet Lord!

Bartlett, who wants to increase spending in MOST areas of government expenditure? (See )

Rep. Flake, who was an outspoken supporter of the PATRIOT Act at the very beginning, and who didn't stand up against it until long after it became clear it was being abused? (Barbara Lee, the Democrat you hold up as the antithesis of Libertarianism, was one of the rare people who voted against PATRIOT from the beginning -- I guess that makes HER a "libertarian" now too).

I could go on, but I won't.

Those people are REPUBLICANS, not Libertarians. And the simple fact that liberal Democrats voted against it doesn't make it "unLibertarian" either. Liberal Democrats vote against all sorts of things we'd vote against as well.

The Republicanization of the Libertarian Party the last several years has been distorting the entire basis of what it means to be "libertarian," and has allowed many big-L Libertarians to "overlook" unLibertarian behavior by favored Republicans that would earn Democrats (or big-L Libertarians) massive criticism. We need to drop the double-standard and return to our historical evaluation of what liberty is. It is not much reflected in the voting records of Republicans -- including Ron Paul.



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