Do you oppose the violence behind Obamacare?

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Quote of the Day: "When all else fails there's always delusion." -- Conan O'Brien
I just wrote Congress using our "Repeal Obamacare" campaign. Please read my letter carefully. It's strongly worded. You'll need to decide if you want to copy or edit it to send your own letter to Congress. Here's what I wrote...

Please be clear about the immorality of what you're doing...
If Americans refuse to comply with Obamacare then "law" enforcement action will be taken against them. In other words...
You will respond to personal decisions of individual choice with acts of violence. This makes Obamacare a violence-based scheme. It is inherently criminal NOT lawful.
You have enacted this criminality in my name. I OBJECT! I deny consent. You impose this program against my will and against the will of tens of millions of Americans.
But the inherent violence and criminality is only part of the reason why so many Americans deny their consent to Obamacare...
Many of us also object because we know Obamacare is a bad product -- a poorly designed mess. ( It demonstrates your complete incompetence, in addition to your criminality. For instance, Obamacare gives employers perverse incentives to...
* Provide high-wage employees tax-exempt health coverage while.....
* Sending low-wage workers to tax-subsidized, government-managed health exchanges.
In addition, many employers will find it cheaper to pay the penalty for NOT providing any insurance, or they will lay off workers or slash hours to part-time levels.
Even worse, lower income employees lose subsidies if they accept an employer provided insurance plan. The less an employee with a family of four makes the more they lose...
* Earn $60,000, lose $5,500
* Earn $36,000, lose $11,000!
Therefore, low-income workers have a perverse incentive to avoid employer provided plans in favor of tax-funded subsidies.
There are also more benefits to single workers than to married families. This creates still more perverse incentives, favoring divorce and delayed marriage.
It's morally wrong to use threats of violence to make people accept such a scheme. You need to end this criminality by taking immediate action to repeal Obamacare. But...
I don't really expect you to comply. I've given up on you. I no longer consider the institution for which you work to be in any way legitimate. So I'm asking you to repeal Obamacare for mainly strategic reasons. If you continue with your criminal ways in spite of being asked to repent, your loss of legitimacy will accelerate.
Strategically, I'm giving you sufficient rope with which to hang. I'm encouraging my neighbors and co-workers to send similar letters to Congress. And when they see how you fail to respond to reasonable requests for just action, they will begin to question your legitimacy too.
I consider this a step on the road to your eventual abolition, as called for in the Declaration of Independence whenever any form of government becomes abusive. Basically, I'm refusing to be your co-dependent.
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Jim Babka
President, Inc.
T h e D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h

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