Do we have a larger image of the full LPSF poster?

Do we have a larger image of the LPSF poster than this one:

If so, please let me know where it is. My bedroom poster had the poster
tack putty soak through to the front on all four corners and wasn't
looking so great anymore, so I took it down, cut it up, and scanned the
individual images for use on the website. We currently have two of the
images up on (for the state budget that just passed
and for the banning of American Apparel from Valencia a week or so ago),
and I plan to upload two more images this weekend (for Starchild's
prostitution rights thing Monday and to replace the Bill of Rights image
on the Prop H article with the image of the old lady in New Orleans
being disarmed by the SWAT team).

I suppose I can merge together the dozen or so images I scanned in, but
if we've already got a larger version of the whole poster, finding that
would really save me some work.


you might want to search the yahoo groups sites


  Here's a larger version. We had just used a small one on the website because we thought we were going to sell them. Perhaps we still might think about licensing the poster for use and sale by others, but I see no harm in using the panels individually. Thanks for putting the Shelly Resnick protest event on the website.

      ((( starchild )))