District Attorney race

This is heartbreaking – it looks like after the ranked choice votes have been allocated, the LPSF-supported candidate Chesa Boudin is losing to Suzy Loftus by a mere 240 votes out of (if I read their numbers correctly) over 100,000 cast (49.87% to 50.13%):


  According to the page above, "Suzy Loftus has been elected". The Elections Department hasn't exactly done a stellar job putting out this information – it's not on their main results page (https://sfelections.sfgov.org/november-5-2019-election-results-summary), which shows Boudin ahead 32.91% to 30.84% for Loftus. You have to click on a link for "complete RCV results" and then find the right report to find the actual outcome.

  When it's this close however, there's still a chance that might not be the final outcome. I'm not sure all the votes have been counted yet. Stay tuned.

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