District 4 Supervisor candidates' forum (Tues. Aug. 7, 6pm-830pm)

From the SF Chronicle:

D4 supervisor forum: Candidates forum for San Francisco supervisorial District 4. Sponsored by the Outer Sunset/Parkside Residents Association. 6-8:30 p.m., Ortega Branch Library, 3223 Ortega St., San Francisco.

  More info and RSVPs here (it's at the library, so RSVPing isn't really necessary):


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Dear All,
Those who attended the August 11 meeting may recall that I mentioned a proposed ordinance that would effectively ban new employee cafeterias in SF buildings. You can read about it here: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/SF-s-proposed-employee-cafeteria-ban-not-to-13121402.php
Because Jessica Ho is running for supervisor in District Four, where I live, I queried her two days ago via Facebook as to whether she opposes or supports the proposed ordinance. I have received no answer to this simple question. I'll give it a bit more time.
Meanwhile, Trevor McNeill is another candidate for District Four supe. I thought he sounded interesting, so I sent him a personal invitation to meet for a few minutes so that I could learn about his political philosophy. I sent the invitation three weeks ago, and have received no sort of reply. This suggests that Mr. McNeill is not apt to be a responsive representative if he were to be elected.
Jon Sindell

Hi Jon. If this is how your candidates act when they're on their best
"behavior" when they want your vote, you can be sure they will never give
you the time of day, if and when they're elected. So much for being a
wannabe public "servant."

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the link Jon. I just posted a couple comments on the Chronicle story (and already commented on at least one piece in the Examiner).

  Do you recall what made Trevor McNeill sound interesting? I know nothing about either of those D4 candidates.

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Greetings starchild and others.

Why did I find Trevor McNeil interesting? No compelling reason. I sort of liked the vibe of his campaign website, I liked the fact that he is a schoolteacher and a longtime neighborhood resident, and I like that he talked, albeit vaguely, about genuine municipal issues, not national or international politics, like some of our supes. His failure to give even a courtesy reply to my request for a brief meeting makes me *this close* from crossing him off my list.

I have a negative first impression of Jessica Ho as well, based on her response to my query about the proposed ban on employee cafeterias. I posed the question on her public Facebook page, and, to my surprise, she requested that I discuss it with her privately by email. Are you kidding me? There were three appropriate answers: I support it for the following reasons, I oppose it for the following reasons, or I need to study the matter. It is disappointing to say the least that she could not simply come up with a public answer.


Be well!

You are so right, Aubrey. I have furnished an update on Jessica Ho in a new comment this morning.

Have a good one!