Disaster mostly averted

Well, we got the four LPSF arguments filed, thanks to Aubrey and
Marcy coming down to City Hall and doing that (and Mike Denny
submitting his earlier). I showed up mainly to sign the argument
against Prop. C prepared by Shirley Hansen, but stuck around to help
her with paperwork and stuff. She had her hands full with filing nine
paid arguments, all but the aforementioned one in favor of Prop. D,
for a total cost of over $5500, paid for by Jeff Adachi (or his donors).

  It turned out to be lucky I stayed, because it turned out she'd been
given some wrong information over the phone by someone who'd
misunderstood her question, and they told us that they needed Control
Sheet B signed for each of the persons listed as signers on the
arguments, along with their addresses. Fortunately the office was busy
and they were not ready to process us right away -- I would've
objected had it been otherwise, since the other remaining people still
working on paperwork past 1pm were from the No on D camp -- so I was
able to help her fill out the additional paperwork as best we could,
otherwise all of them might have been rejected.

  As it was, the Elections Department folks struck the names of most of
the signers for whom we could not produce addresses and signatures
from the ballot arguments, including unfortunately the names of most
of the LPSF members. They gave Shirley 48 hours to get a couple more
signatures for folks whose addresses we had on the right forms but
whose original signatures we did not -- one of those was Marcy.

  So Marcy, she will probably be getting hold of you for your signature
again if she hasn't already.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

I am confused regarding Shirley's paperwork. Control Sheet B is for additional authors if they want their names to appear on the pamphlet, so that does not concern any of the LPSF'rs. A Consent Form is needed if names are to appear as supporters but not authors; that is what I thought Shirley wanted, and that is the form she gave for us to sign. The form did not contain any room for addresses, only name and signature, which were on all the forms she gave me.

BTW, I did see you stayed to help Shirley. Very kind of you, and I am sure Shirley appreciated it.