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Michael Denny for Mayor Media Release

March 17, 2003

Contact: Christopher R. Maden
E-mail: chris@...
Telephone: (415) 845-8202
San Francisco, March 17, 2003 - Libertarian candidate for mayor Michael
Denny released a statement today saying he applauded Jim Reid and the
San Francisco Examiner and Sentinel newspapers for featuring Reid's
"Shelter One" cottage last week.

Denny called on the city to "get out of Jim's way and let him build."
Reid suggests that twenty affordable shelters could be built on a single
city lot; with a promised donation of materials from Home Depot, each
unit would cost only $6,000.

However, these truly affordable shelters are prohibited under current
city law.

Reid frequently comments that San Francisco's regulatory environment is
responsible for the high cost of San Francisco housing. He has said,
"Building cheap housing is a political and zoning issue more than
anything else." He opposes taxpayer-funded bonds to subsidize
developers, and has asked private foundations to donate the land for his
proposed shelters. This voluntary, free-market approach is also shared
by Denny. "These values are at the core of Libertarian thinking when
dealing with all personal and economic issues," Denny said.

Denny congratulated Reid on his free-market approach to housing, saying,
"Who says we need City Hall to use the force of taxes and public bonds
to solve our housing problems? San Francisco's citizens and businesses,
working together, will do more to solve our problems than any government

He went on to highlight the candidates' differences on other issues.
While Reid says of the housing situation, "The truth is, politicians
don't have a clue," Denny says politicians won't have more of a clue
with single payer health care or any other government project.

Denny noted that his most important role in this campaign is to advocate
good Libertarian ideas, regardless of their source, saying, "Thank you,
Jim. It's good to have your fresh ideas on the campaign trail. Now let's
just find a way to get you (and me) into the debates."

About Michael Denny:

Michael Denny is a husband, a father of four children, a small business
owner, and a Libertarian candidate for mayor of San Francisco. His
campaign Web site is Libertarians believe in
personal freedom, in both social and economic spheres, and in minimal
government to protect those freedoms.

"Candidate in cottage industry," San Francisco Examiner, March 14, 2003;
available on-line at <URL: >.

"Reid hosts SPUR tour of one answer to homelessness," San Francisco
Sentinel, March 13, 2003; available on-line at the end of <URL: >.

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