Denny for Mayor Sat Neighborhood Events

We had a great day last Saturday on Clement Street. Chris Maden, Mike
Acree and David Rhodes joined me. We got a very good response and I
believe these neighborhood events are going to be very important. There
are 8 Saturdays left before the election.

We compiled a list of neighborhoods. It is not complete so please feel
free to add to it or delete. I'd like to confirm the locations and
schedule ASAP. Any feedback?



Union / Chestnut


Irving / Judah

Yerba Buena


North Beach


Laurel Village?


Bayview/Hunters Point?

We will pick some commuter days to work West Portal in the AM and PM.

Get back to me

Michael F. Denny

Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor

Ph: (415) 986-7677 x123

Fax: (415) 986-4004

You can see the events calendar for Yerba Buena Gardens at:

I don't see anything posted yet that stands out as a good opportunity, but
some things are posted late. For instance, Kai and I stumbled across the 4th
of July "Old Fashioned" Alternative Family Picnic (which I saw absolutely no
advance notice for). Basically, it's a group for LGBT couples with kids. And
they were having the typical 4th of July community picnic, complete with a
band playing patriotic music. There were hundreds of people there, probably
90% of them SF voters. To that group in particular, things like LGBT rights,
school choice, property taxes, etc. are all winning points for Libertarians.

I'd suggest checking that calendar every week, or better yet get added to
their mailing list, so that you can take advantage of a good opportunity for