Democrats say, "It's Time for Paid Leave"

This sort of messaging (see below) drives me crazy because of the utter failure of the Left to recognize and attack the underlying causes of the problem. Instead, they attack the good guys, the job creators.

Why do families need paid family leave? Because both spouses feel they need to work in order to support the family.

Why do both spouses need to work to support the family? It is a combination of materialism and government/banking cartel manipulations of the money supply. The value of the dollar keeps declining due to inflation of the money supply due to endless printing of monetary units by the Federal Reserve (which holds a monopoly on the creation of legal tender), which leads to price inflation, which makes things that people used to save up and pay cash for so expensive that they have to borrow, which makes the things even more expensive due to interest payments, which puts the parents so far behind that they become indentured servants. Get the money supply problem under control and you won't have price inflation and you won't need to get mortgages and run up credit card debt for necessaries like food and housing.

Another contributing factor is materialistic consumerism that doesn't distinguish between wants and needs combined with a sense that one is entitled to have children and a full-time job for both parents so they can buy the latest cars and electronics and cable TV and so on and so forth and employers (or some think the government) should have to pay for those choices.

I know for a fact that it is still possible to support a family on one income, if one is willing to give up the rampant materialistic consumerism. I personally know people my age who have done it, who gave up careers temporarily to raise their families and then went back to work after the children were grown.

But no, the Democrats don't believe in hard work and sacrifices. They want their cake and they want to eat it too and they want somebody else to pay for it.

I, for one, am tired of having to make the sacrifices myself and at the same time having to pay for the poor choices of the mooching classes.

I have seen debtors in bankruptcy court show up in $90 designer jeans, $300 shoes and thousand dollar designer handbags. I have only paid that much for a pair of jeans ONE time in my life (April, you were there), have NEVER paid that much for a pair of shoes and have NEVER paid more than $60 for a handbag, usually a whole lot less.

We have all seen the videos of welfare recipients bragging about their multiple free Obama phones, which I give up more than half of my income (more like two-thirds, when you count state and federal income taxes and the various payroll taxes and all the other taxes and fees that are a daily part of lie) to pay for, while my husband and I have cut back from two cell phones to one, have given up cable altogether, don't have landline telephone service at home, gave up our gym memberships, both cut our own hair and Len colors mine for me, and I am starting to do my own nails again. I sacrifice the lion's share of my income plus and the luxuries I used to enjoy so those free-loaders can get their unearned benefits and entitlements and paid family leave because they are not willing to make sacrifices so one parent can stay at home.

Oh, did I mention that I did get a very modest raise in 2013 (about 2%, which does not in any way keep up with inflation) and due to increased taxes my take home pay is actually LESS this year than it was last year? I even stopped my 401k contributions altogether, starting in 2013, and my take home pay is still LESS than it was last year.

We don't buy beef anymore, only chicken and pork. Vacations are a thing of the past. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I am sick and tired of it and I am not taking it anymore!


Dear Nina,

Thank you for your heartfelt post. I like to tell the story about a day that sticks in my mind, when the parent in the fancy SUV laughed at my beat-up Pinto Wagon and offered to drive me to the private school open house. As we toured the school she became sincerely upset, and said "This is wrong that these kids have this nice school; all schools should be this nice." As I anticipated her kid continued to go to the not-so-great public school, while mine went to the high-end private school. She continued to drive her fancy SUV's, and I continued to struggle with the beat-up Pinto Wagon. Our society/government aims for an environment where folks who wish can eat their cake and have it too. I would prefer not to pay for anyone's cake while I eat day-old bread.