Delegates for LP national convention, May 22-25 (ATTN: Current & former California LP members)

At the April 13 Libertarian Party of California (LPC) Executive Committee meeting in Sacramento, LPC Secretary Beau Cain distributed a list of names of people making up the California delegation to the national convention.

  The ensuing discussion was somewhat confusing, to say the least. To start, there were 144 names on the list, but only 142 slots. However 65 of the names were of people whose memberships were not currently valid. Many of those people are current members who were simply behind on their dues (I was in that category, but fixed the problem by giving Beau a check on the spot), but many others are assumed to be not eligible to attend, and/or not interested in attending. Beau stated that he already knew that two of the people on the list said they were not attending.

  Then there were also several additional names submitted by members of the Executive Committee to be delegates. There was an effort to have these individuals' names submitted ahead of the 65 not listed in the database as current members, but this effort failed. It was not known (or those who knew didn't say) which of the 144 names on the list, either from the 65 or from the remainder, were nominated at the Feb. 22 LPC convention, and which names were subsequently added, and who added them. It was rumored that Wayne Allyn Root submitted a large number of names.

  The deadline for Beau as LPC Secretary to submit a delegate list to national is April 23. So it appears that for at least the next few days, names of potential delegates are still being accepted. If you are a current LPC member, OR do not have a membership but have been an LPC member for at least 30 *at any time in the past* and are willing to pay $25 ($55 with newsletter subscription) for a year's LPC membership at the time you submit your name, IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO BECOME A DELEGATE FROM CALIFORNIA. Contact Beau Cain ASAP at <bcain@...>, (818) 782-8400 or (650) 241-1907.

  We desperately need delegates to go to Denver to (a) get back the solid, principled libertarian platform that was dumped in 2006, (b) nominate a presidential candidate like Mary Ruwart ( who has strongly libertarian positions on the issues, and (c) elect fresh faces with solid libertarian positions to internal party office, including the dynamic Ernest Hancock who is running for national chair ( If you are eligible and able to attend, but lack the funds to do so, please say so! We may be able to raise the money to help you attend.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))
Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco