Debate: Are We Powerless Over Our Addictions? (04/24/13)

Michael R. Edelstein vs. David F. Koot

Eldestein is one of our league.

BTW, the term "advisory league" has worked pretty well for the social formation we are developing.

I have used the name Western Association, in various communications where a company name is expected.

Dr. Edelstein,

Thank you very much for making access to the Addiction debate possible. I hope that your future presentations will also be made available via YouTube or other internet website. Any chance that your upcoming Self-Esteem presentation will be recorded and available for viewing via the internet?

All the best,


Hi Don,

You can find some of my video talks at

My upcoming self-esteem talk probably will not be available but there's one on welf-esteem on the video page.

Warm regards, Michael