David Henderson will Speak at Anti-Torture Teach-in this Sun.

From Lawrence Samuels

Prof. David Henderson will speak at the "Quit Torture Teach-in & Vigil" on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 11:00 AM in a grassy area outside the gates of the Monterey Presidio (Lighthouse and Private Bolio Road). David is co-chair of Libertarians for Peace. The teach-in starts Friday, Nov. 16 and ends Sunday, Nov. 18.

Friday, November 16
    12 noon Opening of Camp Bolio

    On-going vigil and demonstration

    3pm Mishka Chudilowsky - Peace Crane workshop

    4pm Karen Araujo - "Win, Win, Win" non-competitive games for children

    4:30 Joyce Vandevere, "Getting to Yes; The Effort Toward Consensus"

    5-7pm Monterey Peace and Justice Center Social gathering and candlelight vigil
                     to include ribbon cutting and groundbreaking for Monthly Camp Bolio Coffee House
                     Music: Rhythm and Rouge

    7:30pm The Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Tour, featuring the Ginger Ninjas and SHAKE YOUR PEACE
                  (scroll down for detailed information, or click on links to their websites)

     9:00 (approx.) Film: "The Torture Question" followed by discussion

                        Ongoing coffee house, information table

Saturday, November 17

    Ongoing vigil and demonstration

    10am Reverend Greg Ward - Monterey Peninsula Unitarian Universalist Church. He has lead youth groups
  on three trips to School of the Americas protests. He will share his thoughts and experiences with
  us for 30 min with a time for Q and A.

    11am Bill Monning - "International Law and U.S. Law Prohibit Torture" with a focus on Geneva Conventions and Conventions against torture, and how the use of torture constitutes a war crime. Professor Monning is a member of the National Lawyers Guild and a professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at MIIS. www.billmonning.com , www.billmonning.org and www.nlg.org

     12pm History of torture of "The Other," religious origins

     1 pm Sound Out -- music by our very own local singing group

     2 pm Phil Butler, Ph.D. - A former U.S. Navy pilot shot down in Vietnam and held almost 8 years as a
  Prisoner of War. Phil is an outstanding motivational speaker. He will share his personal experiences
  of torture as a POW, with an analysis of the moral and legal issues for our nation.

     3pm Sue Hubbard - an informal group discussion on the stages a protest movement goes through and
  what activities are appropriate at each stage. Patterned after a Bill Moyer workshop.

      3:30 Michael Wheatley - folksongs with guitar

      4pm Music: Nancy Raven, folksinger and guitarist

      7pm Drumming session with Jean Moritz (with 15 drums)

      8pm Film: "Ghosts of Abu Ghraib" and/or "The Road to Guantanamo"

                        Ongoing Coffee House, singing, information

Sunday, November 18

     Ongoing vigil and demonstration

     10am Alicia Jrapko - Co-coordinator of the International Committee to Free the Cuban 5

      11am David Henderson, Ph.D. - Associate Professor at the Navel Postgraduate School.
"The Economics of War" Talk and Q&A

      1pm Friends/Quaker silent Meeting for Worship - all welcome! Led by Monterey Peninsula Society of Friends pro-tem clerk

      2pm Macgregor Eddy - "Your Civic Duty to Stop Torture" followed by discussion

      2:30 Karen Araujo - more games for children followed by "How Can I Keep from Singing?"

      3pm Helene Constant -- Stories for Grownups

      3-5pm Peace Coalition Steering Committee meeting
(only for designated representatives of PCMC member organizations)

     3:30pm Film - HOPE and reading some of the hopes and wishes from the Imagine Peace Tree

     3-5pm Final Coffee House, vigil, demonstration

     Gathering to celebrate our time together