Damning video of Attorney General Eric Holder arguing for brainwashing people against guns

Apparently this is from last March, but I hadn't seen it before and figure some of you may not have either. It's good to know about in light of the Obama administration's current push for new gun control legislation. I have had people arguing to me that "nobody's trying to take anyone's guns away" and that RKBA defenders are "paranoid" for imagining otherwise.

  This video is damning evidence to the contrary. In it, Attorney General Eric Holder -- possibly the most powerful member of the administration after the president himself -- can be seen, reportedly at a speech he gave to a Democratic womens' group in 1995 when he was a U.S. attorney, advocating for a massive coordinated advertising and public relations campaign to target young people with ads "every day, in every school, at every level" to "brainwash" them (he actually uses that word!) into seeing owning and carrying guns as "unacceptable" and "wrong."

  Holder even says kids should be urged to report people with guns to the authorities, and compares his proposed anti-gun campaign to the anti-smoking campaign that has made such progress that smokers, in his words, now "cower outside of buildings" to smoke, and "smoke in private and don't want to admit it." He tells his audience, "that's what we want to do with guns." Rarely have I seen such a high-level official make such an openly authoritarian, fascist speech. Very chilling.


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