Crime issues still vex library | San Francisco Examiner

Let's be careful in the aisles and between the book stacks. Keep your head on a swivel and check your six. :wink: We need to get back to the police station meeting room for our safety. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure which is funnier, that the perceived problem is people
having sex in the library or that the perceived solution is to make a
new rule against it.

A libertarian friend of mine used to live in a house in Alameda the back
of which was spattered in red, as though someone had thrown a huge pot
of spaghetti out the third-floor window. Someone had put up a sign that
said: "Please do not throw spaghetti out the window."

Dear UCSF Mike;

You should go to the Main Library web site and look up the rules which apply to
groups asking to use the library meeting rooms. Then you'll understand the
mentality of making a rule banning sex in the library as a way of stopping
people from having sex in the library.

Shhhh quiet - no moaning and groaning while having sex it disturbs the patrons
in the library.

It's the same mentality in various states which enacted laws making fornication
and adultery illegal. If those laws had been actually enforced the legislatures
of those states would have had to have held their legislative sessions in a
prison courtyard to get a quorum... LOL

While distasteful to members of the LPSF meeting in the Community Room of the
police station certainly is safer in comparison then meeting in the Main
Library... LOL

Ron Getty

I highly doubt there are fewer rules in the police station community room
than in the library meeting rooms. And the library has wi-fi access.

Dearest Rob;

Helloooooo!!! The rules of the community meeting room at the sfpd are: no food
- no drinks - contact person telephone number - make reservation month to month.
Das ist alles...

The library rules are as follows:

Page One:

Page Two:

Page Three:

Page Four:

NOW tell me the rules are fewer for the community room at the SFPD!!!

Snark - Snark - Snark..... LOL

But then of course the Library has wi-fi - oooooohhh!! Wi-FI - snark snark
snark... LOL

Ron Getty

Dear Ron,

Are you proposing that LPSF monthly meetings go back to the Richmond police station? Regarding safety, grant it, the neighborhood in general is on the scruffy side, but if I am OK with it (you read my posts re: sit/lie, right?) I cannot visualize anyone feeling unsafe. Regarding the rules of no food or drink, they are the same as at the police station. Regarding the rules of making reservation, etc., I am dealing with that just fine. Regarding folks having sex between stacks (I am going by Mike A.'s view of what these horrible crimes at the library are!), just take pictures and sell them on E-Bay.

BTW, the reason for my booking the first floor room, was to avoid making our guest take the elevator and running the chance of meeting with some unpleasant situation.


Dear Marcy

NOT switch!!! But let's be careful out there and watch your six!!!

AND as I noted the FOUR PAGES of Library rules go way beyond no food no

Scruffy neighborhood??? That is an understatement!!!

Ron Getty

Dear Ron,

Thank you. I totally concur with your advice to be careful.