Craigslist nonprofit boot camp


  Good for you! I went to the first one last year -- I believe another local Libertarian did too, though I'm spacing right now on who it was -- and found it to be a worthwhile experience, even if the promised monthly free lunches have not materialized. Did you list the LP as your nonprofit, or the Free State Project, or both? I suggest bringing some literature with you to give to people and post on bulletin boards and such, as this is an event where people go around and look at stuff and pick up stuff, and are generally in learning mode. I did find some of the presenters a bit too corporate/pragmatic-oriented for my taste, and advise taking some of the "expert advice" being offered with a grain of salt, at least as it applies to the struggle for freedom. But overall it was a fun and educational event.

Yours in liberty,
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Sorry, but I won't make the meeting tomorrow. I'm going to check out
the craigslist non-profit boot camp. Hopefully I'll pick up some tips
that will be useful in promoting libertarian causes.


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