Craigslist Foundation workshop for nonprofits - Excellent deal! Limited sign-ups - Act soon!

I just found out about this event happening October 23 and signed up as a representative of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco (we are part of the Libertarian Party of California, which has non-profit status). This is a terrific opportunity, especially for candidates seeking visibility or others wanting to network with SF movers and shakers.

  For $50, you get an all-day workshop, VIP reception with speakers including SF Mayor Gavin Newsom and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, and a late-night dance party with musicians including Michael Franti of Spearhead. *Plus*, as a graduate of the "boot camp," get taken out to lunch once a month by a member of their "advising board" for an hour of their time and advice (I hope to have fun informing these individuals about libertarianism over the coming months.) It's not clear how many months this offer will continue, but even three or four lunches could easily cover the $50 you pay upfront.

  If you're interested, I suggest you sign up ASAP! Sign-ups are limited to 400 people, with only two allowed per organization, and I expect the slots will fill up quickly. I also don't know how they'll feel about people coming from various LP chapters, so if you have some affiliation with another non-profit I suggest you sign up as a representative of that group.

Yours in liberty,
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P.S. - There are two tracks at the workshop, the Educational track and the Pitchathon track -- each organization sending two people is supposed to send one per track. I signed up for the Educational track (just picking one at random, basically). I would appreciate anyone else who signs up getting in touch and letting me know, so I can try to keep track of which libertarians will attend and how we are signed up.