CPAC Booth

Please forward to Libertarian activist lists! Post on blogs! Email to
your LP friends and drive them nuts! :slight_smile:

Fellow LPers,

I spoke last week with Jim Lark about the possibility of the LP
a booth at CPAC - a large and prestigious annual gathering of
conservative students that takes place in DC at the beginning of
March. Several Libertarian students here in NC are planning to go.

The price of this invaluable exposure for the LP and the Libertarian
brand of real conservatism that young conservatives want but are not
getting from the Republicans is *only* $1,500. However, Jim Lark was
disinclined to have an LP booth there. He commented "At this time, I
have not pursued the purchase of a table at CPAC, because I suspect
the investment of resources will not bring a suitable return this

I think this is an opportunity we should not miss, and I think most
Libertarians would agree!

To show that LP activists will support this sort of outreach, I would
like to have $1,500 pledged by February 10th. If we cannot get a
at that time, there is no loss - you can transfer your pledge to
another effort or release it entirely. You need not pay your pledge
until enough other folks have pledged to make the $1,500.

To track pledges, we will be using Pledgebank:

http://www.pledgeba th

I asked for commitments of $25 per person, but if you wish to pledge
more, just note that in your comment, or sign up under several names
:slight_smile: (Please only make pledges you can afford and will honor!). If the
LNC, in light of this effort, decides to support the conference, then
it will take fewer people. At $25, we need *58 commitments* - please
make yours one of them.

I know you all have a lot of requests for support - but I believe
is an important opportunity that should not be wasted. If you agree,
please visit and pledge:

http://www.pledgeba th

Thanks, my comrades!