Correspondence with Ethics Commission staffer and KALW reporter

For your edification/amusement/disgust...

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Starchild and All

In other words, who the h...l has jurisdiction over elections in this town??!! This is a matter that both Starchild (subliminal messages supporting a two party system) and Aubrey (what are "districts" and why are those being taxed by "districts" prevented from publishing a ballot argument) are trying to find out. I am again suggesting LPSF escalate this question to the Secretary of State, and if necessary the State Attorney. This is not a trivial matter. If bureaucrats find they can get away with X, they will try for Y and Z also.


Hi Starchild. Thanks for continuing to irritate those people. Obviously
they are completely useless and will continue to be completely useless, but
it's good to be a pesky thorn in their side. I believe that Jessica is the
same lady I met with about the Prop B fiasco. She also quoted me about
that, "It's not under our jurisdiction" business. I guess it's her
standard response to anyone who needs real help with bureaucrats doing just
whatever they feel like doing. Maybe we need a "Public Advocate" to help
us out!

Marcy, I haven't forgotten about taking the Prop B battle to the next
step--it will just have to wait until after the election is over as there's
no time right now to work on a complaint to the Secretary of State or
California Attorney General. I've been checking our mailbox quite
regularly the last few weeks, and Dennis Herrera's office never did bother
to respond to the letter we sent. I guess we're chopped liver😱.

By the way, anyone who would like to help out, we're canvassing in the
Castro this coming Saturday starting at 11 AM and then going out for a bite
afterwards. Meeting at Castro & 18th. No ringing of doorbells or
bothering folks--just leaving that excellent brochure with the Johnson
campaign on one side and how the Libertarian positions differ from the left
and right on the other side on folks' doors or gates. Ideally I'd like to
cover most of the neighborhood in a few hours.


Excellent, Mike. Nothing special to mention, I trust your instincts and you're great at connecting with people, I'm sure it'll go cool. Thanks!

  You might ask her some questions to feel her out on politics, her work, etc. She seems friendly and sympathetic, but as a good reporter hasn't really expressed her own views. I was thinking after our last chat that I should've taken the opportunity to query a bit. It's always interesting to learn with media folks where their sympathies lie and with which aspects of libertarianism they have issues, and good to know when we have items to send out for which we're seeking press.

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Hi Aubrey

It's a deal. I will write a draft of the abbreviated Herrera letter this weekend. I think the point is now who is in charge? Or more appropriately, where are the rules? If we don't find out now, more chagrin will be in store, as powerful unions or other political groups start feeling safer silencing dissenters.


Sunday Nov. 6 for Johnson fliering sounds good by me Aubrey.

  The issue of not wanting to wear a "V" mask due to it being uncomfortable to breathe is easily solved – wear one on the back of your head like I did at Pride. Just remember to turn your back to the camera when you see someone taking a picture. :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
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It went pretty good….and she is very charming. She told me she is a Democrat and that KALW is a “lefty” station.