CORRECTION - School Board debate 1-230pm today, GLBTQ Community Center, 1800 Market St.

I thought this was in conflict with the LPSF social at Bryce's house, but the organizers had sent out the times for the college board debate by accident (college board candidates debate from 230-4pm).

  The School Board debate in which I'll be participating is 1-230pm, so I'll be able to go to Bryce's right after that.

  If any of you can come out to support me, that would be awesome. I've got a fresh batch of fliers, thanks to some help from Eric Brenner, and more buttons made up too. After the event yesterday which Mike Denny moderated in the Bayview that was taped for KPOO radio, I'm feeling psyched for another debate!

  And it would be lovely if someone was around afterward to give me a ride to Bryce's... If I have to make it over there on my own, I will be sorely tempted to first check out the Love Parade which is happening downtown from 1-9pm (see )... otherwise I will go there after the party and try to drag some of you Libertarians with me. Great chance to hand out some literature. Think like the Pride parade, with floats and music and big crowds.

Groove on,
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